About MMKC

MMKC is a software that enables actions for the extra buttons on multimedia keyboards.
It also supports mouse gestures, so you can for example launch an application with just a mouse motion!

MMKC currently runs under GNU/Linux and FreeBSD and is licensed under the BSD license.

* C/C++ API for the MMKC library
* C/C++ API for writing plugins to MMKC
* Keyboard independent (should work on every keyboard)
* Mouse gesture support
* Official plugins for: audio, cdrom, konqueror and xmms
* CPU and memory friendly
* No automake/autoconf stuff
* Very small

* GNU/Linux or FreeBSD
* GNU Make
* GNU Readline
* A C++ compiler (tested with gcc (g++) v3.3.2)
* XFree86 v4.x

* wxWidgets (to build the wxWidgets user interface)
* Perl (for cpu flags detection)

The wxWidgets UI
wxWidgets UI, event grabber

Alexander Bussman, donate